About Us

 Welcome to the Dutch Country Farmers Market.  An array of delicious home-style comfort foods, sweet treats and farm fresh products await you.  

Each Thursday, Friday & Saturday the market is bustling with the sights, sounds and smells of a variety of Amish vendors all under one roof, bringing you a wonderful blend of fresh delicious foods as well as foods unique to the Pennsylvania Dutch countryside of Lancaster County.

Our one-stop shopping market is a fun food experience for the whole family. The market features a large quality selection of fresh and prepared foods, as well as various candies, homemade snacks and desserts. Fresh meats, delectable pies, cakes and breads, fresh salads, superior vegetables and produce, mouth watering BBQ & poultry, milk and cheese products and so much more are all here for you. 

Come prepared to take in all of the aromas and sights. Take time to watch the Amish soft pretzels being made and examine all of the quality handmade furniture and crafts. We look forward to seeing you soon.